Russia Is Being Robbed by Its Generals

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 19, 2022
Russia Is Being Robbed by Its Generals

On April 18, the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine revealed the facts of money laundering by a Russian general through enterprises in Ukraine

Ilya Kiva, who was stripped of his parliamentary mandate for pro-Russian activities on March 15, is currently in Russia, calling Zelenskyy a terrorist and campaigning for the use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine. During the investigation into the treason of Ilya Kiva, the Bureau of Investigation unexpectedly came across the tracks of Russian general Valery Kapashin.

Through Ilya Kiva's business partner, Valery Kapashin bought real estate in Ukraine for the money he stole in his country: hotels, restaurants, land plots, etc. The scheme works thanks to several fake commercial organizations disguised as financial and economic structures.

"The property was registered to the deputy's business partners — relatives of the Russian colonel-general, head of the Federal department for safe storage and destruction of chemical weapons at the Russian ammunition agency Valery Kapashin.

We want to draw the attention of our readers to the fact that it is thanks to such generals who plunder their army and state that Russia is shamefully losing the war. Today in Russia's arsenal, only Soviet equipment, and a sunken cruiser mourned by the whole of their country.

We remind you that the Lviv court arrested Ilya Kiva in absentia, and on March 19, the Ukrainian parliament decided to send a request to Russia for the extradition of the Ukrainian ex-deputy. The office of the general prosecutor of Ukraine will deal with the formation and request. The decision was based on Kiva's call to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

“Remember! They respect and fear only power! Zelenskyy, his entourage, and Western curators are most afraid of the Russian Federation launching a preventive strike with weapons of mass destruction. This is what can put an end to today's confrontation only with the Ukrainian authorities but with the entire West. Negotiations with the terrorist Zelenskyy will not bring anything anyway. And you can't negotiate with terrorists."

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