Russia Loses 2.000 Soldiers Every 100 Yards

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 22, 2023
Russia Loses 2.000 Soldiers Every 100 Yards

NATO intelligence released data according to which the "special operation to demilitarise Ukraine" is clearly not going "according to plan"

February 24 will be the year of the start of a full-scale Russian attack on Ukraine, and the aggressor country is expected to try to repeat the offensive this spring. Moskovia began actively concentrating fighter jets, attack helicopters, and bombers on the border. 

"Russian land forces are quite thinned out, ragged and very demoralised, so the best indication is that they will try to switch to aerial combat," Lloyd Austin.

Ministers of defence of NATO member states to Ukraine before the Russian relapse, train the Ukrainian military and transfer the necessary equipment to the Ukrainian front. Especially air defence systems. Lloyd Austin said that NATO is "laser-focused" on providing Ukraine with the weapons required: Bradleys, Marders, Leopards and other equipment from the reserves of the United States and other countries.

According to The Times, the ministers received information about the intensity of the fighting, and it turned out that the Russian army in the east of Ukraine "loses 2.000 troops for every 100 yards won."

"Russia continues to pour large numbers of additional people into the fight. Most people are ill-trained and ill-equipped and, because of that, we see them incurring a lot of casualties," Lloyd Austin.

The United States, Germany and the Netherlands are expected to be able to accelerate the transfer of the Patriot, and France and Italy the SAMP/T and Mamba missiles.

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