Russia Ordered the Assassination of the Minister of Defense and the Head of the Intelligence Service of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Russia Ordered the Assassination of the Minister of Defense and the Head of the Intelligence Service of Ukraine

On August 8, the Security Service of Ukraine prevented the assassination of the military-political leadership of Ukraine and promptly arrested the killers

On August 8, the Security Service of Ukraine released information about the detention of a subversion and intelligence group of the main directorate of the Russian armed forces (better known as the GRU). 2 men got an order from Russia: to kill the minister of defence Oleksii Reznikov and the head of the Main directorate of intelligence Kyrylo Budanov. The killers were promised $100.000-150.000 for the murder of each representative of the Ukrainian government.

"It was established that the DRG was formed by staff members of the military intelligence of the Russian Federation to carry out subversive activities on the territory of Ukraine. It included a resident of temporarily occupied Luhansk, who, as part of the illegal armed formations of the terrorist organization LPR (so-called Luhansk People Republic — ed.), took an active part in combat operations against the ATO forces (the territory under the control of the Ukrainian army in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine — ed.) in the east. On the instructions of the Moscow coordinator, he was looking for a killer to commit contract killings, using his connections among criminal circles," the Security Service of Ukraine.

The second killer turned out to be a resident of Kyiv, who was supposed to kill a Ukrainian soldier as a "test task". The killer wanted to receive $5.000 for treason against the state and his people. The Russian and his Kyiv accomplice met to prepare the murder plan, and it was here that Ukrainian security service fighters detained them. Both killers were charged with treason, committed under martial law and premeditated murder.

"The enemy cannot win on the battlefield, so he resorts to his usual methods — ed. he tries to organize assassination attempts on the military and heads of Ukrainian authorities. And thereby once again proves to the whole world that Russia is a terrorist state that does not follow any civilized rules. But we perfectly understand what to expect from the Russian Federation, so we act in advance and neutralize the enemy's special operations in advance. We will continue to do this!" Vasyl Malyuk, acting head of the Security Service of Ukraine.

According to the arrested killers, this is not the first order for the heads of Budanov and Reznikov, but so far, none of the executors has been successful. In the same way, about 10 attempts on the life of president Zelenskyy have already been made.

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