Russia’s War With Ukraine Has 3 Scenarios

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Russia’s War With Ukraine Has 3 Scenarios

American channel "CNN" told about the further development of the war of Russia against Ukraine

Western experts warned Ukraine about the beginning of the offensive from Russia. Forecasts were quite accurate. The Russian side also had prognoses — believed that a "special operation" would be carried out blitzkrieg and Ukraine would join the federation or become like a Belarus. However, the Ukrainians put up a resistance, which the Kremlin did not expect. Now, western analysts and politicians see three scenarios for further war.

According to CNN, if neither Ukraine nor Russia can lead, the war will enter a frozen phase. Such a scenario would entail significant losses on both sides and adverse effects on the world economy.

The 2nd scenario speaks of Russia's success. Politicians note that Russian soldiers have more advantageous positions and weapons in the east of Ukraine. If they manage to consolidate these positions and gradually capture the entire Luhansk and Donetsk regions, Putin will move to capture the following regions of Ukraine.

There is also a 3rd scenario. It is considered unlikely in the west but possible. If Russia can capture more targets in the Donbas basin or realign its goals, a statement from Putin may soon follow. According to politicians, the Russian dictator may declare victory.

"I think there will soon be a moment when either side or side will succeed. Either Russia will go to Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, or the Ukrainians will stop them there. And if the Ukrainians can hold the defense there with such a ratio of forces — it matters," said a high-ranking NATO official.

CNN also notes that Russia has already lost a third of the combat army. But the channel does not specify in which direction. Ukraine's problems with armaments are also noted. So the country suffering from Russian aggression awaits a decision on coordinated assistance from a group of countries of the Ramstein format.

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