Russia Prepares Russians for Defeat

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Russia Prepares Russians for Defeat

The war in the wrapper of the "special operation" that was fed to the Russians turned out to be a taste of shame, shortages, unemployment, and isolation of Russia

Day after day, Ukraine is reclaiming its lands. On May 15, the Armed Forces of Ukraine completely expelled the Russian horde from the territory of the Kharkiv region. Crimea, the Donetsk region, and part of the Luhansk region remain critical regions. This means that Russia has nothing left of what it was before the full-scale invasion.
What we see: the blitz-capture of Kyiv in 2 days, the establishment of a puppet regime, and the attribution to Ukraine of the status of "denazified part of Russia" did not work. During the 83 days of the war, Ukraine destroyed 27.900 Russian invaders and 1.235 tanks.

"At first, the Kremlin raved about the capture of Kyiv, then Kharkiv and Odesa, then at least ORDLO (the occupied regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions). Now Russian troops are concentrating in the Luhansk region — there are not enough forces for other areas. We continue the session of treatment of imperial megalomania — we harshly "meet" Moscow fantasies with reality," Mykhailo Podolyak, the head of the president's office.

Take a look at the map on the cover of this article. It depicts the process of expulsion of the Russian horde from the territory of Ukraine. On February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine from the east (Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv), south (Odesa, Mykolaiv) and north (Kyiv and Chernihiv). The goal was to destroy Kharkiv and capture Kyiv. The Russians occupied the Kyiv region and destroyed Kharkiv. Fierce battles took place in Chernihiv. However, the Russians failed to take the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. In April, Russians were forced out of the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions; in May, Russians in the Kharkiv region were thrown back to their homeland-Russia. Yes, this is where there is poverty, and wives are afraid of the return of their rabid husbands who raped Ukrainian women. The victory of Ukraine in the battle for Kharkiv was stated by all authoritative tabloids, including Bloomberg, CNN, BBC, etc.

The rhetoric of the Kremlin more and more smells tucked-tail, and Ukraine more and more strengthened in its positions.

"Now we feel more confident in the fight, so our position in the negotiations is also tightening. If the situation changed on the battlefield, this would mean that Russia would be in a better position... The real problem is that Russia is not willing to participate in real and substantive negotiations," minister of foreign affairs Dmytro Kuleba.

Moreover, the vocabulary of Russian propagandists and government representatives has also changed. Now, from "Victory in 2 days", the false mouthpieces of the Kremlin have moved to "Ukraine is a huge state, it cannot be conquered so quickly." The military armies of the aggressor begin to realize defeat, and the Kremlin began to prepare the Russians for the abolition of the affirmation "Crimea is ours": Russia understands that Crimea will have to be returned. This is confirmed by Peskov's intentional "reservation" during his speech about the peninsula's fate. Commentary of the adviser to the head of the presidential office, Olexii Arestovich:

"Before that, there were no territorial disputes, there was a "referendum of the people", which "decided to be with Russia forever", and now it turns out that these are territorial disputes between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Peskov doesn't say anything unnecessary. Either he was taken by surprise, or he misspoke. But I don’t really believe in it," Olexii Arestovich.

Even Olaf Scholz, known for his extreme caution, spoke about the Kremlin's options: "For Russia, there is only one way out of this situation — reaching an agreement with Ukraine."

Ukraine will win! Glory to Ukraine! 

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