Russia Runs Out of Military Equipment

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, April 16, 2022
Russia Runs Out of Military Equipment

Russia sends the BTR-60 to the war in Ukraine: the installation of the 60s, which even in the most backward military units has long been written off from storage

Russia continues to feed its army from the remains of soldiers with the remains of technical weapons. On April 16, videos of railway convoys of weapons from Russia to the war in Ukraine began to appear on the network. The video clearly shows that the BTR-60 and Grad-1 are going to Ukraine. This technique, produced in the 60s of the last century, is so outdated that you will not find it anywhere. At least in developed countries.
However, Russia never ceases to amaze with its stockpiles of weapons, and in a week, we expect a video in which Russia will hand over bows and spears to its soldiers.

Olexii Arestovich, an advisor to the president's office, gave an interview with Ukrainian journalist Mark Feigin.

- Regarding the war and Russian techniques on the platforms in Russia. What did you understand, BTR 60, Grad-1 — this is such an installation on Zil. These are techniques from the 60s. It is to the question that "we are now mobilizing, and the whole world will be in ruins."
- That is, they got what was already a museum exhibit.
-  That is not common anywhere. It was in the most backward military units, and it was removed from storage long ago. There are no techniques.
- That is, Russia has problems with technology.
Problems with technology are what we have already talked about before. It's just that this technique has already flashed by now, and we can already speak about concrete confirmation that these problems are there. BTR 60 — there is nowhere to fall further.

Ukraine will win! Glory to Ukraine!

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