Russia Tries to Defeat the Ukrainian Victory

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, January 14, 2023
Russia Tries to Defeat the Ukrainian Victory

Russians folded a high-rise building in the Dnipro. There are dead

On January 14, the Kremlin held an action that was expected in Ukraine. Russian armed forces carried out massive missile strikes on Ukrainian cities. One of the most affected areas was the Dnipro region.

By the evening of the weekend, the occupiers folded a missile at the 9-story house. 2 sections of the high-rise "formed" together with campers, sleeping children, and animals. A powerful explosion destroyed 15 automobiles and injured at least 64 people, including 14 children. 39 of the wounded are in serious condition. 9 people were killed on the spot, including 1 child. Perhaps the terrorist act was not just a terrorist act. Perhaps the Russians put the meaning into this missile strike. The missile hit the building in the residential area named Peremoga (in English – Victory).

This is the scariest evening for the inhabitants of the Dnipro during the war. People who can't get out of their homes are evacuated using cranes. To date, from under the rubble, you can hear the heartbreaking cries of people.

Later, several explosions sounded in Kryvyi Rih. A Russian missile hit the private sector. 1 person died, and one was wounded.

In total, the Russian Federation has fired 32 missiles of different types against Ukraine in 1 day. Ukraine's air defence has managed to destroy 21 missiles. Today Ukraine mourns again. But it will win – it will separate all Russian criminals from their bodies. 

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