“Diia”. Advantages for Business in Ukraine

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Tuesday, January 25, 2022
“Diia”. Advantages for Business in Ukraine

Marketplace of digital products and solutions. Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine

Diia is an online platform for regional digital transformation teams, communities, businesses, NGOs and decision makers to contribute to the country's digitalization. The portal is constantly updated with software, IT products and digitization tools from developers.

Advantages of placing digital products and solutions on the marketplace

  • Access to the target audience;
  • Opportunity to tell about their products to communities;
  • Formation of a pool of new customers;
  • Increasing brand awareness throughout Ukraine;
  • Ability to specify services by industry and use appropriate tags;
  • Convenient filter system.

"The Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine has launched a marketplace of digital products and solutions, which aims to bring together businesses, IT product developers on the one hand and community leaders and CDTOs on the other. Therefore, we invite developers to register their digital products, as this will allow access to the target audience", a representative of the Ministry of DT of Ukraine Solomiia Paslavska.

On the portal, solutions and products are divided into 12 different categories with the ability to add filters and tags that make it easier for users to find products.

Branches that are on the marketplace of the Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine

  • Ecology;
  • Electronic democracy and communication;
  • E-government;
  • Utilities;
  • Cultural heritage;
  • Medicine;
  • Education;
  • Services to the population;
  • Service institutions;
  • Transport;
  • Tourism and leisure;
  • Finance.
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