Russia Will Block the Black Sea Aquatoria

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, July 22, 2023
Russia Will Block the Black Sea Aquatoria

And get a rebuff from the Ukrainian side

Having not fully worked for a year, on July 17, Russia withdrew from the grain agreements. Of course, it is not beneficial for the aggressor country to be deprived of such a tool for global blackmail as hunger, therefore, the Russian fleet is likely to impede the movement of grain dry cargo ships across the Black sea. The probability is also confirmed by the statement of the Russian side that all ships in the Black sea will, by default be considered as warships that transport weapons.

The UK has released some of its intelligence data claiming that every Russian tentacle in the Black sea will be cut off by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and cruise missiles. According to analysts, the decision to withdraw from BSGI was made some time ago, and during this time, Russia probably mined the routes to Ukrainian ports. The Ukrainian side reports that the grain corridor is clear of Russian mines while continuing to look for allies to continue exporting food.

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