Russian Army Can Erase 3 Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Russian Army Can Erase 3 Ukraine

Experts named the best and worst forecasts for the world in the event of the explosion of the Zaporizhzhia NPP

The occupiers have endangered Europe by launching a military offensive against Ukraine. They opened fire to take over the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. Later, the Russian army fired missiles that flew over the power units of the facility. It should be noted that already most of the offensives, the occupiers use old missiles with an error of a few meters. The Russians have also allowed themselves to dispose of munitions on the territory of a nuclear facility. But in August, they went beyond humanity and intelligence to launch missiles at a nuclear power plant. Several walls of the facility, which contain radiation, have been damaged as a result of terrorist activities. At the moment, the radiation background is normal. But the Russian army continues to place between the power units with the missile launch system.

Experts have already assessed the risks and consequences. They are deplorable for Ukraine and several other European countries.

The potential exclusion zone will be up to 30.000 km2. It should be noted that this is more than 10 Chornobyl exclusion zones. Naturally, the entire Zaporizhzhia region, the station's location, will be forgotten by people. They will not be able to live there and run the economy. Recall that this region borders the Azov sea.

The Ministry of the environment reports that further effects cannot be predicted. Experts suggest the possibility of contamination of the Dnipro river for decades. The Ministry also believes that the degree of contamination of other territories of Ukraine and Europe, Russia, and Belarus will depend on meteorological conditions. However, radiation is capable of catching territories equal to 3 sizes of Ukraine at once.

Such a scenario in the case of the explosion of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant will entail the need for more than 1 million liquidators and can claim the lives of several tens of thousands of people.

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