Russian “Army” Completed 1st Stage Operation in Kyiv Region or Bloody Rape

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, April 3, 2022
Russian “Army” Completed 1st Stage Operation in Kyiv Region or Bloody Rape

The occupiers committed atrocious crimes against women, children, and the elderly

While the Ukrainian Army, employing counter-offensives and sweeps from the occupiers, has driven the enemy from the Kyiv region, Russia claims the opposite. According to high-ranking Russian soldiers, the army fulfilled the first objective of the operation and withdrew the troops itself. At the same time, the Russian generals do not say what goals they were pursuing. They are no longer talking about the destruction of weapons and the change of power in Ukraine for which the attack on Kyiv was carried out.

The whole world doesn't understand what "phase one" means now. But every inhabitant of the civilized world learned about the inhumanity of the Russian army just a day after the liberation of the Kyiv region.

Photos and news from the Ukrainian city of Bucha in the Kyiv region shook the world. The invaders killed all the men aged from 16 to 60 years. This was reported by the honored journalist of Ukraine, Dmytro Komarov.

Unfortunately, these are not all the horrors that occurred in Bucha. The Russian army tied people's hands and tortured them. The victims didn't know they had no chance of survival because, after the abuse, people were shot in the head. Among the dead are not only men who could have fought but also women and children.

Russian men committed war crimes not only in Bucha. Ukrainian civilians suffered throughout the Kyiv region. 

"Mass deaths of innocent people half-burned women on the ground, covered with tires. The strangled man in the manhole. Mountains, just piles of corpses along the road with tied hands. Men, women, everyone," wrote on the Facebook page of Ukrainian journalist Sonia Koshkyna.

Such statements from eyewitnesses terrified the whole world. But another journalist updated the terrible picture of the "Russian world".

"Some of the children killed had their hands tied. Children. Children bound. Built-up dogs. Murdered women. Girls 10 years old with torn vaginas. Irpin, Bucha, Dmitryyvka," writes journalist Yevhenii Spyryn.

410 civilians were brutally killed by the Russian military and Putin. 410 Ukrainian people — this is the official figure at the end of the day on April 3. The work and clearance of cities continue, and the death toll is being updated. But it is already clear that Russia has committed the most terrible war crimes:

  • Rape and attempted arson of women;
  • Murdered children;
  • Dead heads of cities are elected people;
  • Dead pensioners;
  • Driving tanks through people.

Russia has already responded to the reaction of the whole world. The reaction of the discouraged world. The country of the aggressor, terrorist, and monster, said that such news is fake.

Such a response by the Russian Federation to recorded war crimes is appalling. Even terrorists openly declare their crimes. Russia, as always, is silent like a vile rat and a traitor to all mankind.

But it is not the inability to confess that is frightening. It is scary to see all the horrors that are now being committed in the blocked Mariupol. What atrocities has Russia prepared for this city?

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