Russians Planned a Dance on the Bones of Ukrainians in Mariupol

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, June 14, 2022
Russians Planned a Dance on the Bones of Ukrainians in Mariupol

Occupants launch theater season at Mariupol drama theatre, where Russian bombs killed more than 300 Ukrainians in March

A loud example of Russian humanism. The occupants announced the launch of the theater season on the ruins of the drama theater, on which they dropped a super-heavy bomb at the beginning of the war. The wind has not yet dispelled the ashes of the Ukrainian women, children, and men deliberately killed by the Russians from the ruins of the theater, and the occupiers are already planning a concert there.

"The drama theater in Mariupol should open on September 10, the new season will open with two or three dance and pop-concert numbers, as well as a theatrical performance," Petro Andryushchenko, deputy mayor of Mariupol, quotes the message of the occupying animators (puppet administration).

On this article's cover, you see the state of the drama theater today. Before the explosion, more than 500 people were hiding in the bomb shelters of the drama theater, and on the square near the theater, there was a monumental inscription "CHILDREN". On March 16, the Russians dropped a multi-ton bomb on a drama theater filled with children. More than half of the Ukrainians died instantly, the rest were pulled out from the rubble and forcibly deported to Russia.

Currently, over 22.000 Ukrainians have been killed by the Russians in Mariupol, over 50.000 have been forcibly deported to Russia, and another 100.000 remain in the besieged city without water/electricity/food and with a cholera epidemic.

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