Russian Army Kills Foreign Journalists

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, May 11, 2023
Russian Army Kills Foreign Journalists

During the war in Ukraine, the invaders killed more than 10 Ukrainian and foreign journalists

According to an official UNESCO report, in 2022, 86 journalists were killed in the world, 10 of whom were killed in Ukraine due to Russian aggression. It is also known that the Russian occupiers stole studio workers and held them captive or taken to the Russian Federation. The criminal is not going to stop, as in 2023, he opened a new list of deaths. French journalist Agence France-Presse Armand Soldi is on the list of Russian crime victims. He was killed by a Russian missile шт Chasiv Yar town, Donetsk region. The French news agency reported this. There were 4 other foreign media workers, and they survived.

"Agence France-Presse, one of our compatriots, Arman Soldin, was killed in Ukraine. With courage, from the first hours of the conflict, he was on the front to establish the facts. We share the pain of his family and all his colleagues," said the president of France, Macron.

Earlier, another French media representative died due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Frederick Leclerk-Imhoff, working for BFMTV news, was killed by a piece of Russian projectile. The journalist died because of his duties – he covered the evacuation of the civilian population.

Also, in early May in Kyiv, they said goodbye to US citizen Christopher James Kembel, who served in the foreign legion in Ukraine. It is known that the American opposed Russia because his fiancée was from Ukraine. Kembel was engaged to Ukrainian woman Ivana Sanin, the daughter of the Ukrainian director Oleh Sanin. Ivana said a foreign legion fighter talked about possible death and wanted to be buried in Ukraine.

"I asked him why he was here. He said that because its right and he can't look at the ongoing genocide. These gentlemen who are fighting now – the brave sons of Ukraine – made sure I wasn't raped, killed by the Russians. I thank them for that," said Ivana Sanina.

The bravery of foreigners has no borders, while impunity and pick up Russia also violate all boundaries and norms.

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