Russian Federation Violates Grain Agreement

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, May 27, 2023
Russian Federation Violates Grain Agreement

The Russian military does not allow 28 ships to port in the Odesa region

US ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink reported that the Russian Federation has violated obligations under the Black sea grain initiative. On May 17, Russia, Turkey, and the United Nations signed a contract to extend the grain agreement, which was initiated in 2022 due to the war and Russia's capture of the Black sea. The new treaty should be valid until July 18. However, Russia almost immediately violated it. The invaders did not allow 28 ships to enter the Ukrainian port of Yuzhny. All ships participate in grain deliveries to third countries and Europe. The port is also on the points from which grain is exported.

"After repeated threats to withdraw from the Black Sea grain initiative, Russia now refuses to allow any of the 28 ships to enter the port Yuzhny, one of the 3 ports designated by the agreement to export food. It's a clear breach of her commitment," Bridget Brink wrote on Twitter.

We note that before signing the agreement in 2023, the Kremlin made a list of demands and again blackmailed the world with hunger. At the same time, the Ukrainian grain association reports that Moscow has stolen about 4 million tons of grain from Ukraine. The aggressor also sells grain to countries under sanctions restrictions.

The breach of contract by the Russian Federation is not the first. This applies not only to grain initiatives and "green" evacuation corridors but also to the rules of war, the UN convention, etc.

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