Russian Gas Blackmails Germany Again

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, July 11, 2022
Russian Gas Blackmails Germany Again

Russian Federation will not supply gas to Germany for 10 days. Or indefinitely

Recent actions and orders by the Russian Federation regarding the gas again resemble a lever of action on the west. On July 11, it became known that Russia completely stopped gas export to Germany via the North Stream pipeline. The reason for the transit stop was called repair work. The flow is scheduled to resume on 21 July.

However, German officials are concerned about unforeseen repairs. They believe gas supply through the North Stream may not resume due to Russia's war against Ukraine and sanctions. 

"We are forced to state that Russia is using energy as a weapon. After all, nobody believes that Moscow cuts its gas supplies solely for technical reasons," said German chancellor Olaf Scholz. 

Germany's concern is understandable. A month ago, the aggressor country cut gas supplies to Germany. Instead of the 167 million m3 per day, the client country received only 100 million m3. This maneuver by the Russian Federation has already forced the German Government to increase the cost of gas to its residents.

Russia, as usual, finds excuses for its spontaneous decisions. The gas-exporting country also attributed the reduction in gas volumes and the 10-day repair to the lack of spare parts for repair work at the compressor station. These details were to be provided by Siemens Canada. However, the company did not do so due to sanctions. As known later, Canada made an exception and provided Germany with the necessary turbines. However, at the moment, the volume of exports has not resumed. Now Germany will not receive any gas.

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