Russian Missile Struck Simultaneously 4 High Rise Houses

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, June 18, 2022
Russian Missile Struck Simultaneously 4 High Rise Houses

On June 17 Russian missile killed civilians in Mykolaiv

The occupiers were not allowed to sleep in some cities, and some "wish good morning". But behind many of these actions is death and a threat to the inhabitants of Ukraine. In the morning, at 8:23, a Russian missile hit residential neighborhoods. Cameras recorded the flight trajectory — it was a deliberate strike. As a result of the fall, the lethal weapon damaged four multi-story buildings at once. Given the time of the attack, most of the people were at home. Unfortunately, people were also in houses that took the missile strike.

During four hours of work, Ukrainian rescuers were able to find only 2 bodies and 20 wounded. Among the seriously wounded, there are children.

"Morning I met, hard, very hard, you know. Somehow everything happened suddenly, very quickly, did not expect anything. The explosion — we all fell. And the scream, such a scream was on the street. The man was killed," said the resident of one of the damaged houses, Raisa.

Rescuers are working at the crash site now. Explosives engineers have already removed the remnants of the missile.

"According to preliminary data, the attack was carried out from the air, most likely from aircraft. It is now known that an attack was made on the industrial infrastructure of our city, and the second — on a residential area," said a representative of the defense forces, Dmytro Pletenchuk.

The occupiers are increasingly targeting residential neighborhoods in regions that cannot be reached. This week, the fate of the Dnipro region was also damaged.

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