Charitable Funding for the Restoration of Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, August 28, 2023
Charitable Funding for the Restoration of Ukraine

The French bureau "Martin Duplantier Architectes" is implementing an infrastructure project in Mykolaiv

The Mykolaiv region borders Russia, which is why it is one of the regions that suffered the most from the full-scale Russian war. The centre of the region, the city of Mykolaiv, is under Russian shelling daily, because of which the public infrastructure is highly damaged or destroyed.

The Department of architecture and urban planning of Mykolaiv announced the arrival of the French architect Martin Maurice Henri Duplantier in the city. Mr Duplantier announced his intention to prepare and implement a plan for the restoration of a public garden with an area of 9 km². The project will be implemented from the budget of Martin Duplantier Architectes without attracting funds from the city.

We remind you that architects from Japan and Chile have joined the restoration of cities in the Kyiv region.

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