Russian Occupiers Kill For a Car

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Russian Occupiers Kill For a Car

5 Russian military killed 2 employees of the car dealership to commit theft

The world’s first 24-hour news television company, CNN, published details of the massacre of two people during the occupation of the Kyiv region. The channel released a video showing five Russian servicemen breaking into the Ukrainian car dealership. This happened on March 16. The occupiers meet a business owner and a security guard. According to the video, the Ukrainians did not resist, did not fight. The men raised their hands and quietly answered questions from the Russian soldiers.

The video shows the occupiers releasing the men. But when Ukrainian civilians turn to face the door, Russian criminals open fire. The owner of the car dealership died on the spot.

The guard Leonyd Pliats survived the shooting. He managed to bandage his leg and run to the office to make a phone call. One of the occupiers caught up with the survivor and fired again.

When Ukrainian volunteers arrived at the scene, both men were dead, and the car dealership was robbed.

This video will be another proof of the crimes committed in the Kyiv region by Russian soldiers. It should also be mentioned that the intelligence service of Ukraine was recently able to record a telephone conversation between the occupier and his mother. During the call, the warrior told how he shot the Ukrainian because he had simply gone to the toilet.

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