Russian Politicians Will Live Like Ordinary Russian People

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 26, 2022
Russian Politicians Will Live Like Ordinary Russian People

Canada and Romania refused to allow representatives of Russia and Belarus to attend essential events

The world has taken on a well-founded baton and continues to limit its reach from those with Russian citizenship. After Putin and his henchmen were not invited to bid farewell to the Queen of England, Romania did not grant a visa to the Russian delegation to the ITU conference in Bucharest.

Romania Insider reports that Romania will not allow 14 Russian propagandists into the country. The Romanian Ministry of foreign affairs said that these 14 people, journalists of Russia Today, were improperly presented as Russian officials. But another 17 visas were granted to Russians. They became members of the official delegation.

Perhaps if Russians continue to accuse other countries of fanciful rhetoric, they (other countries — ed.) will stop letting them anywhere at all. Because the secretary-general of the Russian foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, has already accused Romania of violating the Charter and the Convention of the International Telecommunication Union. Such words followed when the Romanian government revoked the visas of 14 members of the delegation who were due to participate in the event scheduled for 26 September.

It also accused the host country of vote rigging in the forthcoming elections for the position of secretary-general of ITU. It should be noted that in the election of the head of the International Telecommunication Union, there are 2 candidates — American Dorin Bogdan-Martin and Russian Rashid Ismailov. But only Russian administrators can vote-rigging.

The situation is similar for the aggressor country's ally — Belarus. Canada did not issue visas to Belarus to attend the International Civil Aviation Organization meeting. The organization will consider the Ryanair passenger plane incident in a few days. On 23 May 2021, the plane illegally landed in Minsk, ostensibly because of a report of mines. After landing, Belarusian security forces arrested several passengers. The international organization believes that the Belarusian government and people who organized such a "theatre" were detained illegally (it is known that they belonged to the opposition forces of the Russian Federation).

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