Russian Ships Follow Its Warship 

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Russian Ships Follow Its Warship 

69 Russian ships banned Bangladesh due to sanctions

The Financial Express reports that the Bangladeshi government has followed the American and European Union sanctions and has already prevented the first Russian ships from entering its ports. Under the restrictions, Russian vessels and tankers are not entitled to:

  • Import goods;
  • Use European shipping routes;
  • Stop for refuelling; 
  • Docks in countries that support sanctions.

Bangladesh has thus already deployed 1 Russian vessel back into the sea. The Russian ship wanted to enter Bangladesh with construction materials. However, the port, shipping services and international organisations and ministries were already aware of the introduction of extended restrictions against Russian shipping, so the ship was not allowed to the maritime border of Bangladesh. Russian sailors wanted to stop at the Indian port of Khaldia and, from there complete the delivery of cargo. But India also refused the Russian Federation. As a result, the ship returned to the Russian port without delivering the cargo.

Such sanctions will affect at least 69 ships belonging to Russia. The new ban affects oil tankers and cargo ships of the RF. It is reported that 7 Russian companies have them. But sanctions prohibit countries that do not support the RF’s aggression against Ukraine from using any of them.

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