Russians Accelerate Kidnappings of Ukrainian Children

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 16, 2022
Russians Accelerate Kidnappings of Ukrainian Children

Children from temporarily occupied Energodar are taken to "rest" in the Russian Krasnodar area

Mayor of Energodar Dmitry Orlov said that the occupiers continue to deport the future of the Ukrainian nation to Russia. In Energodar, the occupiers began to take children "on vacation". This decision was made because of the strengthening of Ukrainian positions. The Russian invaders care for the children, saying they need a break from the war. However, the counteroffensive of Ukraine leads to the liberation of the Kherson and the Zaporizhzhia region. Therefore, the presence of Ukrainian children in the hands of Russian occupiers can become a lever of pressure on residents. As everyone knows, civilians play a significant role in the conduct of war. So, the mayor of Energodar calls on parents not to give their children to Russians.

"Intense fighting will block all roads back. And, trusting the lives of his children to terrorists, you need to think a little about the possible consequences," he said.

According to the Ukrainian state portal Children of War, Russians appropriated 8.140 children. The summary of October 13 says about the following losses of Ukraine:

  • More than 1.230 children were affected;
  • 422 children were killed;
  • More than 800 were injured;
  • 239 children went missing.

The exact number of casualties could not be determined owing to the occupation and intimidation of people in some territories. Ukraine is working to bring every child home.

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