Russians Attacked Refugee Ukrainians in the Netherlands

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, May 7, 2022
Russians Attacked Refugee Ukrainians in the Netherlands

Russian barbarians crashed cars of people evacuated from Mariupol to the Netherlands 

Mariupol is one of the most affected cities in Ukraine by Putin’s plans. The city in the Donetsk region is occupied and destroyed around the clock. It is assumed that even half of the residents of Mariupol could not leave and survive due to the brutality of the Russians. But the Russians are even after those who managed to get a second chance at life.

Mayor Mariupol’s advisor Petro Andrushenko said that the Ukrainians who escaped from Mariupol were attacked in the Netherlands. A group of women and children from Mariupol was evacuated to the Netherlands. There the victims were placed in the port of Rotterdam on a cruise ship. Among the evacuees were those who managed to take the car with them.

The car is the only property that’s left for single women and children in a foreign country. A car rescued from Mariupol could become a means of transportation or financial security. This is especially important when a woman is in a foreign country with a child and without money.

But the Russians in the Netherlands did a terrible thing — smashing all the cars of Ukrainian women.

"Russians do not give rest to Mariupol and Ukrainians even abroad. Our women and children from Mariupol were evacuated and eventually placed in the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands on a large liner. They report that at night the Russians crashed all cars with Ukrainian plates, which were parked near the liner," wrote Petro Andrushenko.

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