Russians Shoot the Inhabitants of Irpin Town and Do Not Allow Them to Evacuate

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, March 7, 2022
Russians Shoot the Inhabitants of Irpin Town and Do Not Allow Them to Evacuate

Civilians in the Kyiv region are dying from aimed bullets, rocket-bomb and artillery strikes

Since March 5, the city has been deliberately bombarded by Russian aircraft from 120 mm mortars. The sadistic manner of the Russian “army” of keeping people awake and fighting at night found application in Irpen as well.

Houses explode, a bridge is blown up, along which residents could be evacuated. People who try to escape from the war are shot just on the street. Russians fire at buses with civilians.

8 people were killed in 3 days. The family was purposefully shot: a mother, two children and a father. You can see them on the cover of this article.

People cannot go outside because they are being fired from mortars.

The heating main was deliberately damaged, civilians have been sitting for 3 days without electricity, water, heat, and cannot receive humanitarian assistance from Ukraine.

"In Irpen, mortar shelling began, the invaders began to hit with 122-mm mines directly in the direction of the crossing. People began to hide, but there were a lot of children, elderly people. Their military, territorial defense fighters, tried to pick them up and carry them. At least 15 mortar salvos were heard on 2-3. Unfortunately, about half an hour ago, one of the mines fell where there were people — they had already crossed the crossing at that time and four people were killed, including two children, "Ukrainian journalist and eyewitness of what is happening Olexandr Motornyy.

The enemy continues to use airfields in Belarus to carry out air strikes.

The occupiers are violating the rules of international humanitarian law by shelling civilians, "green corridors", taking women and children hostage, placing equipment and ammunition in residential areas.

The enemy is artificially creating a humanitarian crisis in the captured cities.

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