Russians Use the Same Tactics Against Ukraine as Against Chechnya

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 15, 2022
Russians Use the Same Tactics Against Ukraine as Against Chechnya

Occupiers Tell Their Wives How They Fired On A Village In Russia

On April 14, the intelligence of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine intercepted a telephone conversation between the Russian occupier and his wife. During the dialogue, the wife told her husband-invader that 7 people died from the shelling of the village of Klimovo in Russia, which was allegedly carried out by Ukraine. To this, the occupant replies to his wife that it was the Russians who shelled Klimovo to “make it look like the Ukrainians are provoking it.” The occupant also said that the Russians had already done the same during the Chechen war: the armed forces of the Russian Federation fired at apartments in Moscow and informed the people of the country that the Chechens had created the attack.

Full text of the telephone conversation

- They said that there are 7 victims, 7 victims after all of these bombs in Klimovo.
- It's our bombing.
- Why ours?
- So it is necessary. Then we were told in Klimovo to clear everything so that it turned out that they were bombing us. To do so, as if Ukrainians are provoking. And so we fall.
- Well, somehow it's easier from this already.
- We talked with the chief, and he said that this tactic is available. The same sh*t was in the Chechen war. Apartments were blown up in Moscow, and they said it was Chechen. It’s just that they (Ukrainians, editor’s note) couldn’t fire from such a distance.
- I also think that this distance is enormous. Just do not try to blame anywhere, Tyoma.
- And we have no infantry, we are left alone.
- What will you ride?
- We will go to the division and write a report that we refuse to go on military duty.

We remind you that on April 14, in an intercepted conversation between the occupier and his wife, the Russian spoke about the destruction of cities planned for May 10 in the Luhansk region.

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