Russia’s Clumsy Attempts to Establish a Puppet Mode

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, March 14, 2022
Russia’s Clumsy Attempts to Establish a Puppet Mode

On March 11, the Russian occupiers kidnapped the mayor of Melitopol and voted for the mayor of an unknown pro-Russian woman

After the capture of Melitopol, mayor Ivan Fedorov was abducted. He is alive, hostage, tortured by Russian beasts.

"Only that in Melitopol, a group of occupiers of 10 people abducted Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of the city, who refused to cooperate with the enemy. During the abduction, they put a plastic bag on his head. The enemies detained him in the city crisis center, where he dealt with the life support of the Ukrainian city. In the office of Ivan Fedorov there was a Ukrainian flag," the adviser to the head of the Ministry of internal affairs said.

On March 12, Russian invaders announced Galina Danilchenko as the new mayor, who "as mayor" advised residents "not to oppose the occupiers".

It is known that in 2020 Halyna Danylchenko received a deputy mandate in the Melitopol City Council from the Opposition Bloc party. In the same year, she published a photo with the Immortal regiment poster. And the Immortal regiment is a Russian public propaganda organization. Danylchenko, who committed high treason, will suffer the maximum punishment.

"While the occupying troops have temporarily occupied the territory and are trying to establish their own political order. This is illegal, this is not 2014. Having experience, we will act and believe me — it will hurt those people who thought of creating KhPR or some other "people's republics" on the territory of the Ukrainian state", minister for reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories Iryna Vereshchuk.

The people of Melitopol daily go to thousands of rallies against the new "measure" and demand from the invaders to return Fedorov and leave the country. The participants demand the orcs to leave the country, sing the anthem of Ukraine, carry the flag of our country through the streets. The invaders are shooting at them. There are dead.

The organizer of the Melitopol movement for the release of Ivan Fedorov and the expulsion of Danylchenko was stolen by Russian invaders on March 12. Her fate is unknown.

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