Tbilisi Celebrates Ukrainian Borsch Day

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, September 10, 2022
Tbilisi Celebrates Ukrainian Borsch Day

On September 10, the capital of Georgia organized a holiday, the purpose of which is to show hospitality to refugees from Ukraine

According to Novosti-Georgia media, today, Tbilisi, the capital of our friendly country, is celebrating the day of Ukrainian borsch. The holiday aims to better adapt refugees from Ukraine to the new conditions and cultural integration. Borsch Day is organized by the efforts of the Ukrainian embassy in Georgia, the Tbilisi city hall, the House of Georgian-Ukrainian press and books, the Caravan on orbelian fair and the IACD Revival.

Today, Orbeliani square will house the kitchens of the restaurants FORK, Pan Varenik, Odesa-mama, and borscht will be prepared at every table. A fair, master classes and other attractions are located on the same square.

We remind you that a Ukrainian cuisine restaurant has opened in Japan. There you can also try borscht — a UNESCO object of the cultural heritage of Ukraine.

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