Ukrainian Restaurant Opened in Tokyo

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 7, 2022
Ukrainian Restaurant Opened in Tokyo

Ukrainians forced to flee the war to Japan opened a restaurant serving traditional Ukrainian cuisine in the capital

Ukrainian Ambassador to Japan Serhii Korsunskyy shared the news about how Ukrainians who fled the war are rebuilding their lives in other countries. Particularly in Japan.

"Today we have a small quiet holiday. The Ukrainian cuisine Smachnogo (literally — Have a good meal — ed.) has finally opened in Tokyo. Our Ukrainians who were evacuated to Japan work here. And even though the menu is still small and still just beginning, we checked — borscht is real, Kyiv-style cutlets and cabbage rolls are delicious, there are a lot of visitors. Welcome, hanbatte kudasai!" Serhii Korsunskyy.

Also, this month in London, chef Yuri Kovrizhenko opened the Mriya restaurant (in honour of the legendary Mriia plane — ed.). The institution employs Ukrainians who evacuated from Ukraine to England. The institution corresponds to the neo-bistro format with haute cuisine but "without pathos and heavy luxury in the interior and service."

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