The Ukrainian “Mriia” Revived in a Field of Denmark

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, August 28, 2022
The Ukrainian “Mriia” Revived in a Field of Denmark

An 80-meter silhouette of the world's largest aircraft, the Ukrainian "An-225", appeared in a wheat field in Denmark

On the Independence Day of Ukraine, which we celebrated on August 24, in Denmark, on a wheat field on the island of Funen, an image of the legendary Ukrainian An-225 Mriia aircraft appeared. The author of the image was the sculptor Nikita Zigura, and the work itself can be seen even from space.

"This is a symbol of the victory of Ukraine, a symbol of the victory of life over death. Yes, unfortunately, the plane that we are proud of was destroyed by the invaders, but this does not mean that our spirit and faith in our own strength were destroyed! We will rebuild everything, and the plane, of course, too," Nikita Zigura.

We remind you that on February 27, Russia destroyed the Gostomel airport near Kyiv, and together with the airport, the Mriya plane. Multimillion-dollar investments are needed to restore the airfield and Mriia. Briton Richard Branson, who visited Kyiv at the end of June, said he is ready to help build a new Mriia.

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