“Nestle” Opens Another Factory in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 14, 2022
“Nestle” Opens Another Factory in Ukraine

The amount of investment in the factory is CHF 40 million (≈ $39.5 million)

Nestle corporation announced the opening of another factory in Ukraine. The new production will be located in the Volyn region (western Ukraine), Smohylov town. The amount of investment in production, which will employ about 1.500 Ukrainians, is from 40 million Swiss francs.

This is the second Nestle production in Ukraine, and it will mainly produce pasta. Products will be sold throughout Ukraine and exported to the European market.

"Together with the factory in Torchin, the production network in Volyn will become the company's European regional hub for the culinary products category," the project investors share their plans.

The first Nestle factory is located in the town of Torchin, Kherson region. Its facilities also produce Ukrainian products under the brands Mivina, Svitoch and Torchin.

It is worth noting that Nestle has fulfilled the conditions for getting under the state program Investment nanny, which provides a number of economic advantages for a foreign investor. To learn more about these preferences — contact GT Invest. 

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