New Zealand Imposes New Sanctions Against Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, August 1, 2022
New Zealand Imposes New Sanctions Against Russia

The sanctions affected the military-industrial complex of Russia and the armed forces of the aggressor country

In June 2022, New Zealand foreign minister Nanaia Mahuta announced sanctions against 44 enterprises in Russia and Belarus. On August 1, a statement by minister Mahuta about a new package of sanctions against the Russian military-industrial sphere and the army of a terrorist state appeared on the website of the New Zealand MFA.

Nanaia Mahuta said that Putin and his army are violating international law by violating Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. And only they are responsible for this.

"Russia's illegal and unjustified invasion of Ukraine is enabled by its extensive military-industrial complex which encompasses a large web of defence entities. These organizations build and develop weapons, technology, communications systems and other hardware, and provide services like insurance and transport. Today we have sanctioned the branches and independent arms of the Armed Forces, including logistical support as well as defence entities responsible for providing weapons and equipment to the military," Nanaia Mahuta.

The insurance company SOGAZ, the Russian railways, and enterprises that develop and manufacture weapons for the Russian army also fell under the sanctions.

"The Russia Sanctions Act passed unanimously by the New Zealand parliament in March allows for a wide range of measures including travel bans, asset freezes, prohibitions on financial dealings and bans on ships or aircraft entering New Zealand," the minister Mahuta.

Under a law passed unanimously by all members of parliament, New Zealand businesses are no longer allowed to do business with Russia's defence industry and other businesses that are subject to sanctions.

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