Ukraine Decentralises and Modernises Energy Infrastructure

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, October 20, 2023
Ukraine Decentralises and Modernises Energy Infrastructure

The German promotional bank “KfW” has provided Ukraine with a €76 mln grant to create energy sustainability in the coming winter

On October 13, online negotiations were held between representatives of the German development bank KfW, the Ukrainian state electricity provider Ukrenergo and the German embassy in Ukraine. As a result of the negotiations, was signed an agreement to provide Ukraine with a grant in the amount of €76 million to strengthen Ukraine’s energy security in anticipation of the new heating seasons and possible Russian attacks against energy infrastructure.

“Funding from the grant agreement between KfW and Ukrenergo will support Ukraine’s ability to successfully navigate this and next winter seasons by facilitating the rapid restoration and creation of protective structures at substations. And the recently released 2nd winter package of military assistance from Germany, including Patriot, IRIS-T and Gepard air defence, will help protect critical infrastructure,” German ambassador to Ukraine Martin Jäger.

Ukrenergo says the grant will finance the purchase of high-voltage protection equipment and existing energy nodes, modernisation of heating infrastructure, creation of alternative energy nodes and decentralisation. All these events will help Ukrainians live without shutdowns this winter.

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