Safety Concerns in Machines: Developments of Ukrainian Schoolchildren

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Safety Concerns in Machines: Developments of Ukrainian Schoolchildren

The pupil came up with systems that can transmit signals to emergency service and keep drivers awake while driving  

A schoolboy from central Ukraine, Dnipro, Illia Riabko, has developed a device that can control the level of carbon monoxide in a car and, in case of indicators exceeding the norm, inform both the telephone owner the emergency service. The project focuses on the situations that people face daily. For example, they go to the store while the baby sleeps or leave the dog in the salon. It seems that nothing can happen in five minutes, but the development of the Ryabko insures against the consequences of such situations. As soon as special sensors record a situation that does not correspond to the norm (carbon monoxide has entered the cabin, activity has been recorded), the device transmits a message to the owner’s phone.

This part of the project is already in work. But the working prototype will be extended. In the future, it is assumed that the machine's condition can be controlled remotely. For example, open windows or switch climate control from a phone when fixing a toxic gas. It is also possible in the future to set up an SOS signal in case of emergency: fire, accident, etc.

Another Ukrainian schoolboy recently presented the project Antyson. The development of this" rel="dofollow">startup is in a state of refinement and correction. Today, however, it is possible to say that the device will save the lives of people who have fallen asleep while driving. The device will control the driver's condition throughout the road, regardless of the length of the road. This will allow the system to determine when the driver is "awake," which means safe, and when resting. The system will track the main parameters of the state of the person ready to sleep:

  • Pulse;
  • Temperature;
  • Blood pressure;
  • Strength of the wheel carrying.

To avoid the improper operation of the system, the program code eliminates false signals: slopes behind food or phone, the volume of voice, blinking eyelids.

Antyson will only approach the driver in an emergency. Since, according to the author of the project, sound signals are perceived worse by a sleepy person, the program will gain a human voice.

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