Sale of Unique Ukrainian Bus at Auction

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 20, 2022
Sale of Unique Ukrainian Bus at Auction

The Ukrainian bus was auctioned in America

The transport was marketed as early as 1936. The creation of the White Model 706 bus belongs to the Ukrainian designer, Oleksii Sakhnovskyi, a car designer from the capital of the country, Kyiv. However, the car developer was active in Belgium and later in America.

The introduction of Model 706 for transporting people is linked to the order of the American automobile factory. A Ukrainian completed the car pattern. Since the commissioned model of the bus was intended for excursions in parks, Sakhnovskiy came up with several unique solutions for the project. The first solution is a removable fabric roof that could protect the sun and rain or open a view of US national parks. The second solution is to create four doors on the right side. The customers accepted this design and eventually proved its convenient for tourists. In the cabin, the Ukrainian car designer placed comfortable seats for 14 passengers, and under the hood suggested installing a 2.5-liter engine with 94 horsepower. A total of 500 such models have been produced. But today, the investing-in-ukraine/business-opportunities/automotive/" rel="dofollow">vehicle auctioned is one of the 44 now known. Moreover, 43 cars still belong to one of the parks and have traveled on the usual routes for many years. So it was almost the only chance to buy a Ukrainian car with a history.

Turning to the auction data at which the car was purchased, the total cost surprised everyone. The initial price of the lot was $150 thousand. Experts expected the bus to be bought for $350.000 to $500.000. But the total was $1.3 million. This was due to a lively bidding process and a multitude of interested bidders. It should also be noted that the bus has been restored and painted. 

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