“Scholz Plays Offended Liverwurst” — Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, May 3, 2022
“Scholz Plays Offended Liverwurst” — Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany

On May 2, Olaf Scholz refused to visit Kyiv since Kyiv had not welcomed German president Steinmeier with wide arms 2 weeks ago

In an interview on ZDF, German chancellor Scholz expressed his unwillingness to come to Ukraine, as federal president Steinmeier is very busy this week, and apparently Scholz should be with him. The chancellor, whose political motives are already in question, went on to recall how, on April 13, the office of the president of Ukraine declared Steinmeier's visit to Kyiv undesirable. In his opinion, the decision of the president of Ukraine "interferes with the case." The ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, Andrii Melnyk, reacted with humor to Scholz's behavior.

“Playing offended liverwurst doesn’t sound very state-of-the-art. This is the most brutal war of annihilation since the nazi attack on Ukraine, this is not a kindergarten", Andrii Melnyk, the ambassador of Ukraine.

Also, Scholz did not forget to mention that Germany is "a country that provides so much military assistance, so much financial assistance, which is necessary when it comes to the security guarantees that Ukraine needs." We remind you that during the voting of the Bundestag for the provision of heavy weapons to Ukraine, the chancellor was not at the meeting.

Also, according to an investigation by the Financial Times and an analysis of pipeline and maritime trade, during the war of Putin against Ukraine, Germany has bought energy resources from Russia for €9 billion. This is the most enormous figure in Europe, and even more than China bought.

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