Sales Motivation

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Sales Motivation

The use of additional types of motivation of sales staff. This technique proved to be very effective, and a direct consequence of its use was to increase sales of the department

Sales are the main task of almost any business, both in Ukraine, the EU, and the United States.

So, which option of motivation for employees is the most effective?

The sales department had a plan for some time. It is compiled in advance. The entire sales plan is divided into individual plans for each team member. You need to take paper of different colors – red, green, yellow, strictly A4. Attach the printed figure of the group plan above the office exit. It must be well readable and constantly visible to all employees. In addition, we publish a plan for each employee on the same colored paper. We place each employee near the desktop. 

You need a board to write a summary table of intermediate results. We adjust the figures as the plan is implemented. In the general letter, each employee's letters, and on the board.

To increase motivation, it is appropriate to come up with an additional general reward. Her image should be on all walls, in front of everyone's eyes.

With this approach, employees have excitement by the end of the reporting period if everything is implemented correctly. Employees are increasingly committed to the idea and seek to exceed the plan from their selfish impulses. We regularly make SMS/emails with reports and results within the department, store, or company to maintain interest.

It is necessary to pay attention that it is impossible to abuse a technique. You need to choose the period when increasing sales is most important for the company.

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