SAMP/T on the Way to Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 29, 2023
SAMP/T on the Way to Ukraine

In the coming days, Italy and France will hand over air defence systems to Ukraine

According to the results of the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group, or the 9th Ramstein meeting. Italy and France announced their readiness to provide Ukraine with SAMP/T air defence systems. And although the tactics of the Russian war have shifted from the destruction of the Ukrainian energy system, air defence is essential for the protection of the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine.

"And I would like to add that Ukraine has done an effective job of intercepting many of the missiles launched by Russia during recent attacks. But we strive to ensure they have opportunities to defend themselves," Lloyd Austin.

It is reported that air defence will be sent to Ukraine and the Armed Forces in the coming days. In the same package, 155 mm ammunition is expected in the cooperation of France and Austria.

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