Sarin Was Found in the Sumy Region

Saturday, April 16, 2022
Sarin Was Found in the Sumy Region

After the Russians left the occupied Akhtyrka, the remains of the substance sarin were found. The one that was supposedly used in Mariupol

On April 16, Sumy region, the village of Belka, Akhtyrskyy district, recently liberated from Russian occupation, traces of the chemical substance sarin were found. This substance is used for chemical attacks, and it was probably used against the military in Mariupol a week ago.

The mayor of the city of Trostyanets, Yurii Bova, announced the terrible news.

"We found the remains of chemical weapons in the village of Belka — this is sarin and other substances. We found ampoules. Now the Security Service of Ukraine is engaged in this. Perhaps the occupiers wanted to hit this chemical either in Kyiv, or in Poltava, or in other cities," Yurii Bova.

On March 1, the Russians occupied Trostyanets, on March 26, the Ukrainian armed services released him. For almost a month, the invaders organized an artificial famine in Trostyanets, shot the civilian population and used it as a human shield, and destroyed the art gallery and the railway station. After leaving the city, the Russians placed mines and stretch marks throughout the settlement.

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