Education in Wartime

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Education in Wartime

Because of the war, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children went to school in Poland, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, France, Lithuania, Romania, Latvia, Germany and other countries that accepted refugees

More than 400.000 children went to the first grade of school this year. This figure is half that of last year. Instead of a gala event, meeting new people, and gaining new socialization experiences, 6-7-year-old children were at home with computers. The following school year, children will learn this way — remotely. These are the realities of learning in wartime.

It is worth noting that the low enrolment rate is also related to the war. Only 185.000 children started 1st-grade education in Poland. Polish minister of education Przemyslaw Czarnek said there are about 700-800.000 children in Poland. They all fled the war. These children attend primary schools, kindergartens (more than 40.000), gymnasiums, technical schools, and craft schools. The Polish minister notes that most children do not give up Ukrainian education.

"Distance learning in Ukraine will continue, and most of these children will certainly be on distance learning in Ukraine. The rest of the children study remotely or return to Ukraine, or are in another country," Przemyslaw Czarnek said.

Czarnek also said that local governments received financial support to educate Ukrainian children for the next school year.

More than 60.000 Ukrainian first-graders went to schools in the Czech Republic. Also, children from Ukraine now study in Britain, France, Germany, and other countries.

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