Schrödinger Humanitarian Corridors

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Schrödinger Humanitarian Corridors

Ukraine agreed on humanitarian corridors for the withdrawal of civilians from Mariupol. However, even their own citizens do not trust agreements with Russia

According to Ombudsman Irina Vereshchuk, Ukraine managed to agree on the withdrawal of Ukrainian civilians from Mariupol. On April 20, 6.000 women, children, and the elderly will be taken out of the city, which is under constant shelling and bombardment, through a humanitarian corridor to Zaporizhzhia.

“We managed to agree on a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol for today – Vereshchuk. It will be open to women, children, and the elderly. Gathering in the city today, April 20, from 2 p. m. at the intersection of Taganrogskaya and 130th Taganrog division streets. The column will move along the route: Mariupol-Mangush-Berdyansk-Tokmak-Orikhov-Zaporizhzhia,” Irina Vereshchuk.

However, there is a problem: we have agreed on humanitarian corridors with Russia. This country never ceases to amaze with its cynicism and meanness, and more than once, humanitarian corridors have been disrupted and fired upon by Russia. These 6.000 civilians by Ukraine are not only potential rescued but also potential victims of Russian terror.

“We still need to work for the corridor to take place – what we hear today about 90 buses and 6,000 citizens who will be able to get to Zaporizhzhia is preliminary. There are now more than 100.000 people left in the city waiting to be evacuated. Somewhere within an hour, it will become clear whether the route will take place and whether the buses will go full, not empty,” Mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boychenko.

The heart of every Ukrainian now hurts in the Mariupol region.

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