Slovenia to Sign Security Agreement with Ukraine on June 27

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, June 24, 2024
Slovenia to Sign Security Agreement with Ukraine on June 27

President Natasha Pirts Musar of Slovenia has announced her scheduled visit to Kyiv on June 27, where she is set to sign a security agreement with Ukraine

This development follows Slovenia's consistent support for Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of Ukraine's fight for global stability and international law.

Key Points

  • Security Agreement: The forthcoming agreement between Slovenia and Ukraine underscores long-term support, reflecting political commitment rather than a binding international treaty. This approach allows for flexible yet steadfast backing for Ukraine amid its ongoing conflict.
  • International Support: Slovenia joins nine other NATO members that have already formalized such agreements with Ukraine, highlighting a collective effort to bolster Ukraine's defense and stability.
  • Military Aid: Slovenia has been actively providing military assistance to Ukraine. Notably, in March, Slovenia participated in the Czech Republic-led initiative to procure artillery ammunition for Ukraine from outside the European Union.
  • EU Engagement: On June 26, a day before the Slovenia-Ukraine agreement, a separate security agreement between Ukraine and the European Union is expected to be signed in Brussels, with President Volodymyr Zelenskyi representing Ukraine.

Slovenia's Commitment to Ukraine

During the Peace Summit in Switzerland, President Musar highlighted Ukraine's pivotal role in defending the structure of international law, stating, "Ukraine is fighting for the whole planet." Her commitment to signing the security agreement is a testament to Slovenia's dedication to supporting Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.


The signing of the security agreement on June 27 will mark a significant step in Slovenia-Ukraine relations, reinforcing Slovenia's role in the international coalition supporting Ukraine. As Ukraine continues to defend its sovereignty, the backing from European nations like Slovenia is crucial in maintaining international law and global stability.

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