Seriously Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers Leave “Azovstal”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Seriously Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers Leave “Azovstal”

On the evening of May 16, Russia allowed the evacuation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers in exchange for prisoners 

The Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol has been blocked by the Russian military for almost a month. The factory has a large number of civilians and defenders of Ukraine, as there is a large bomb shelter on the territory. The Russian army is constantly storming and attacking this place from the sky. Therefore in Azovstal there are wounded and killed, both civilian and military. Ukraine and even Turkey have tried to save the badly wounded for a long time. But Russia has it's On May 16, it became known that wounded Ukrainian soldiers were being removed from Azovstal. Ukrainian defenders have evacuated thanks to the efforts of the negotiating group, intelligence, the Red Cross, and the United Nations. Ukraine was able to save the wounded from unsanitary conditions and lack of medicines, with some limitations. 264 Ukrainian soldiers were taken to hospitals in the temporarily occupied territories. 211 Ukrainians are in Olenevka, 53 in Novoazovsk.

This was confirmed by deputy minister of defense of Ukraine, Anna Maliar. Ukraine plans to return Ukrainian defenders to their homes through a prisoner-of-war exchange. "The defenders of Mariupol fulfilled their task and received orders from the command to keep the fighters alive. Thanks to those who were in Azovstal, it was possible to contain the enemy group of about 20.000 people and thwart their plan to quickly capture Zaporizhzhia. We have had a critical time to build reserves, regroup forces and receive assistance from partners. The defenders of Mariupol fulfilled all the tasks set by the command in full," Anna Maliar said.

Russian media also reported on the removal of the Ukrainian military from Azovstal. The Russian defense ministry has announced an agreement on the removal of wounded soldiers from the blocked metallurgical plant in Mariupol to the occupied territory. Russian media later announced the surrender of 264 Ukrainians. Russia is silent about the continuation of negotiations.

But now the main thing is to help the badly wounded soldiers and then take them to the territory controlled by Ukraine through an exchange procedure. 

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