Italy Participates in Rebuilding of Cathedral in Odesa

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, August 10, 2023
Italy Participates in Rebuilding of Cathedral in Odesa

Georgia Meloni announces the country's readiness to participate in the reconstruction of the Transfiguration cathedral, destroyed by Russia

In the press service of the Italian government, there was information about joining the restoration of the Ukrainian city Odesa. Numerous attacks were carried out in the central part of the city. On 23 July, Russian occupants destroyed 6 civilian homes and the city's largest cathedral. As a result, Meloni said that the Russian Federation is destroying civilisations and sacred places in foreign countries. Therefore, Italy has not ignored these crimes and will participate in the restoration of the Transfiguration cathedral. Italian restoration agencies will participate in the restoration of the church. 

"A free people will not be intimidated, barbarism will not prevail. Italy, with its unique world experience in the restoration industry, is ready to join the restoration of the cathedral and other treasures of the cultural heritage of Ukraine," says the Italian minister.

In addition, Italy condemns the Russian Federation for killing people and destroying Ukrainian homes and ports. The prime minister stressed that the necessary assistance for the reconstruction of Ukraine will be shown, but the destruction of ports and grain storage is a crime that will not be corrected. The actions of Russia cause the loss of food to several millions of people.

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