Service for Online Diagnostics of Ukrainian Business from EBRD

Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Service for Online Diagnostics of Ukrainian Business from EBRD

On the basis of the international business platform "Merezha", with the support of August 4, a service for free diagnostics of entrepreneurial activity will be launched

According to the press service of the EBRD, the service will help Ukrainian small and medium-sized businesses undergo free online diagnostics.

"The new digital tool will allow to identify root problems, get a list of recommendations for their solution, as well as determine key priorities, concentrating their organizational resources on eliminating factors that hinder the full realization of business potential," the EBRD notes.

The tool can be used at the Merezha.focus link by selecting the "Run Diagnostics" option. The path consists of several steps:
1. Passing the test — anonymous answers to questions about business with a certain deepening into the processes and actual daily problems;
2. Focusing on factors of limitation and identification of priorities;
3. Obtaining a deep and personalized conclusion in the form of a report on the root problems requiring attention;
4. Access to experts of the MEREZHA platform and personalized content based on the results.

The EBRD noted that the service makes it possible to undergo diagnostics many times and calibrate the focus depending on the industry, type of business and the stage of development in which it is located.

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