“Show Them. This Is What War Looks Like”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, July 14, 2023
“Show Them. This Is What War Looks Like”

Ukrainian photographers showed a dugout where the Russians left the mined bodies of their compatriots, running from the AFU

These are not pictures from the film. Recently, Odesa photographers Kostiantyn and Vladyslava Liberovy published photos of the Ukrainian military in the trenches and told the story on behalf of eyewitnesses. They went to Bahmut to 10th assault brigade Edelweiss. These troops have recently kicked the enemy out of position. Since the shelling was not decreasing, the Ukrainian military had to occupy the dugout in which the Russian invaders had recently lived. In the next few hundred meters, there are no other shelters. It would seem to be the usual thing in war. However, the occupiers know where the trenches are located, and they shoot at them. In addition, the photos may seem that the Ukrainian military is sitting on the white karemat, but it is not. The Russian occupiers, fleeing, left bags with the bodies of their dead colleagues. 

The air temperature is now from 35°. Bodies begin to stink and decompose very quickly. Flies appear in the trench. Ukrainian defenders have to hide there from shelling and sleep.

"The guys cannot take them out (the bodies of the invaders), the bodies are mined. It is impossible to leave positions, the Russians are close and will immediately go back. This dugout is the only shelter," Liberovy wrote on Instagram.

The Ukrainian military has been living in similar stories for 500 days: under shelling, among body parts and stink. But they are fighting for the freedom of the country.

The military, who permanently closed a face because of the disgusting smell, asked Liberov only one thing.

"Show them. This is what war looks like," says the soldier.

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