“Skoda” Plant Resumes Production in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 10, 2022
“Skoda” Plant Resumes Production in Ukraine

On June 10, the "Skoda" and 2 more Ukrainian plants announced the re-launch of production facilities

Eurocar, a distributor of Skoda cars, is located in Transcarpathia, Ukraine. Due to the war against Russia, the plant's machines were temporarily shut down. In early June, the plant's management announced its intention to return the plant to operation. Its launch was announced today.

"It should be noted that the increase in production will directly depend on the development of the war in Ukraine. The vacant premises of the plant will continue to be the center of residence of temporarily displaced persons," Eurocar.

Plant representatives have already received a batch of equipment and spare parts to assemble 80 units of Kodiaq and Karoq crossovers.

The Kryvyi Rih ArcelorMittal plant and the Darnytsia car repair plant also returned to work. Note that the car repair plant was damaged by Russian missiles.

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