Smartphone for Every Vaccinated Pensioner

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Smartphone for Every Vaccinated Pensioner

Zelenskyy promised free smartphones to all vaccinated Ukrainians over 60

Thus the authorities of Ukraine plan to increase their digital literacy and Internet access, and at the same time to allow older adults to receive payments under the program E-aid.

Ukrainians over 60 years old who were vaccinated against coronavirus will receive free smartphones, as president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy informed. The message about this is published on the website of the president of Ukraine.

He explained that the government’s goal is to have high-quality mobile internet in every corner of the state and access it by every citizen.

According to Zelenskyy, Ukraine is expanding the program of social benefits E-aid, which is intended for senior citizens who have been vaccinated against coronavirus. But there were problems with the digital literacy of the recipients. Elderly people can spend this money on purchasing medicines and paying for communal services, but not all have a smartphone, and not all can use the Internet. A new extensive state program will be launched in spring: all vaccinated Ukrainians over 60 years old will receive a free quality and modern smartphone and a preferential tariff. It is the dream, and it is already a reality, that is the way to the primary governmental goal — access to the internet for all citizens of Ukraine.

The name of the program on distribution of free smartphones president of Ukraine has offered to choose in the electronic application Diya — analog of the application State service. Among the variants voiced by the president are Babusyafon, eDidus and eBabusya, eSmartphone.

"We thought about what to call this program. Babusyafon is good but a little bit discriminative, grandfathers can be offended. EDidus and EBabusya is also a good name, but it seems to be a very long name. The third option — ESmartphone is clear that every person over 60 could say: "I have a smartphone," said Zelenskyy.

Soon our elderly relatives will contact us via messengers on new smartphones.

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