“SoftServe” Opens Offices in Four Ukrainian Cities

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, November 30, 2021
“SoftServe” Opens Offices in Four Ukrainian Cities

One of the largest Ukrainian IT companies "SoftServe" opens 4 offices at once: in Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Uzhhorod and Odesa

As representatives of the company noted, 4 spaces are designed for 100 workplaces, which will operate in co-working mode, as they open during a pandemic.

For 2022, SoftServe plans to attract 350 more employees to these locations.

The co-invest.com/investing-in-ukraine/starting-business-in-ukraine/open-an-office/" rel="dofollow">working space in Vinnytsia, with about 50 company specialists, is already fully functioning. The next will be Odessa, where employees will be able to work together from December 1. On December 17, a space is planned in Uzhgorod and in January - in Khmelnytsky, where the stage of arrangement and connection to the corporate network is currently underway.

The 4 spaces are designed for 100 workplaces, which will function as co-working spaces as the company opens them during the pandemic. This means that the specialist does not have a fixed place but can book it for a specific day. At the same time, the company intends to continue its hybrid work format. Within its framework, specialists independently choose how it is more convenient to work from home or office and balance between them.

SoftServe's next steps:

 SoftServe plans to participate in the development of local IT communities actively and support educational institutions. In Uzhgorod, its division of the IT-Academy is already functioning, and cooperation with Uzhgorod National University and Khmelnytsky National University has begun.

• Next year SoftServe plans to attract 350 more specialists to Odesa, Uzhgorod, Khmelnytsky and Vinnytsia. The company started a program to attract IT specialists in new locations at the beginning of the year and hired about 500 remote employees.

Importance of co-working offices opening

The company began to actively prepare for the opening of new office space back in the summer. With the increase in the number of removal specialists, requests for a place where employees could work together and finally communicate live have become more frequent. That is why SoftServe began to develop its office infrastructure. It is also important for maintaining the level of involvement, further development of the company in the regions and assistance to local IT communities.

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