Someone Promises — Someone Does

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, July 8, 2022
Someone Promises — Someone Does

To speed up the export of grain from Ukraine and prevent world hunger, Romania built a railway from Ukraine

On July 7, the minister of transport of Romania, Sorin Grindeanu, published on Facebook information about the infrastructural success of the country bordering Ukraine: Romania completed ahead of schedule the restoration of a section of the broad-gauge railway, through which grain can be quickly exported from Ukraine.

"The broad-gauge railway from the port of Gala-Uli was opened this morning! The work carried out by CFR Infraction in its direction began on June 6 and was completed almost a month ahead of schedule. From that moment, freight trains coming from Ukraine through the Republic of Moldova can unload cereals directly at the port of Galati, without the need for transshipment at the border. The cereals that arrive so quickly at the port of Galati can be transported much more efficiently on barges or stored in a silo at the port with a capacity of 25.000 tons," Sorin Grindeanu.

We remind you that Lithuania is dismantling the railway, which serves the transit from Russia to Kaliningrad.

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