South Korea — for Ukraine, Eastern — for Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, September 29, 2022
South Korea — for Ukraine, Eastern — for Russia

South Korean government to send "Chiron" anti-aircraft missile systems and ammunition to Ukraine

Military aid will amount to $3 billion. This was reported by the Czech edition of iDNES. The amount of $3 billion will be purchased for military equipment to defeat low-flying objects, as well as combat supplies. The publication reports that as a weapon against helicopters and other aircraft, the Koreans will buy Ukraine Chiron anti-aircraft missile systems. Military aid will be transferred to Ukraine with the help of the Czech Republic. However, the Czech Ministry of defence does not disclose details for security reasons. It is known that South Korea will assist the Czech Republic in order not to deviate from the principles of not supplying arms to other countries. Earlier, the South Korean government sent Ukraine only non-lethal military items.

"Chiron anti-aircraft missiles designed to hit low-flying aircraft, such as helicopters, as well as artillery shells from South Korea will be purchased by a Czech defence firm, but they are intended for Ukraine. These military materials will be given as a gift to Kyiv and paid for by the US," wrote the iDNES.

Also, the department reported that Prague continues to support the country that was attacked by Russia. 

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