Spain Donates a Batch of Electrical Equipment to Ukraine  

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 14, 2022
Spain Donates a Batch of Electrical Equipment to Ukraine   

13 December Spain named Ukraine a priority state humanitarian context this year

Spain has sent to Ukraine the equipment needed to restore and maintain Ukraine's energy independence. The Spanish Agency for international development cooperation (Aecid) and the private company Red Eléctrica donated 135 transformers and 26 lightning rods, equipment for the restoration of electrical substations to Ukrainian Ukrenergo. To ensure the operation of the high-voltage transmission network (a request voiced today by Zelenskyy at Solidarity With the Ukrainian People), Red Electric will also donate 107 current transformers, 28 voltage transformers, 26 lightning rods, lightning protection equipment, 2 disconnectors and electromechanical equipment

The donation statement for Ukraine was made within the framework of the Solidarity With the Ukrainian People conference, where Antón Leis — CEO of Aecid, represented Spain.

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